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About Jim Rowland's Carpet & Tile Solutions

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Hi there! My name is Jim Rowland. I'm the owner of Carpet & Tile Solutions. I've been in the carpet, furniture, & tile cleaning business since 1981. In that time I've cleaned tens of thousands of square feet of carpet, area rugs, and ceramic tile floors, not to mention thousands of chairs, sofas, auto, boat, and RV interiors. I've even cleaned a Hollywood movie star's private jet- twice! (His initials are J.T.).

The education and training I've received from the I.I.C.R.C. is essentially the equivalent of a Masters Degree in carpet cleaning.

In addition to my years of experience, I'm also a Certified Master Cleaner - trained, tested, and certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. The education and training I've received from the I.I.C.R.C. is essentially the equivalent of a Masters Degree in carpet cleaning. Because of my education I've been consulted by The Orlando Sentinel for an in-depth article about carpet cleaning, and have been featured in a WKMG-TV Channel 6 Consumer Report on upholstered furniture cleaning.

My combined experience, education, and training means that not only will I be able to get your carpet, tile and upholstery as clean as possible, I'll be able to perform the work at a fair price and without risk of damage to your valuable furnishings.

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Why Choose Carpet & Tile Solutions?

First of all, I do all the work.

As a certified Orlando carpet cleaner, I won't send an inexperienced "trainee" to your home or business to clean your fine furnishings. Over the years I've had only a handful of employees that I trusted to do the same kind of work I do. Maybe I'm too critical or maybe I'm just a perfectionist, but as the owner I am the only one who can assure you of the highest quality work. As long as I'm the person on the job, I know that every effort will be made to get your items as clean and fresh as possible.

No Hidden Charges - EVER!

I will never nickel-and-dime you with additional charges for working on spots, pre-treating traffic areas, "corrective cleaning", travel charges, etc. To me, companies that operate that way are the worst kinds of crooks. They quote you a price on the phone, then bump it up once they arrive to do the work. It's like buying a new car and finding out that you have to pay extra for the tires and steering wheel!


100% Money-Back Satisfaction Policy.

When you schedule your cleaning with me, I'll come to your home or business, assess your cleaning needs, and provide you with a firm cleaning quote in writing. Then I'll connect my cleaning tools and show you how I clean and what the results will be. Then, once you've seen how well your furnishings will clean up, with your approval I'll clean the rest of the areas you agree to. That way, you'll know what to expect of my cleaning, how much it will cost, and how it is done with no surprises. After I've finished cleaning, if you feel that any areas need to be gone over again, I'll happily re-clean them for you. Finally, after the job is finished and I've left your home, I'll give you 10 days to call back for a free re-cleaning of any areas that I cleaned that you feel need additional attention. If for any reason you are still dissatisfied, I'll refund you the cost of your cleaning job IN FULL. Not a pro-rated amount, not a portion of your cleaning invoice -- I'll refund every penny you paid me to clean for you. Still not impressed? Read some of my testimonials and reviews.


Serving Central Florida Since 1981

As a certified carpet cleaner, I provide carpet cleaning and tile cleaning services in Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas.

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I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have about my services or pricing. Even if you have a question about getting a spot out of your carpet, I may be able to help you right over the phone. Don't be bashful, I'm here to help!

CALL OR TEXT AT (407) 252-7222.