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4 Tips to Maintain Clean Furniture & Upholstery

Freshly cleaned sofas and chairs in living room

Keeping your furniture and upholstery clean is just as important as keeping your floors clean. After all, you sit on the sofas and chairs in your home just about every day.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to help make sure your furniture stays clean.

1. Avoid Eating or Drinking on the Sofa

It's quite common these days for household members to have "TV dinners" and eat their food while sitting on the couch or sofa and watch television. However, you might not notice the small crumbs falling off your plate or out of the chip bag onto your sofa's upholstery. Over time, crumbs can fall in between the cracks and crevices of your furniture and cause unwanted smells. Try to eat your dinners and meals at the dining table in order to avoid potential spills or messes on your furniture.

2. Train Your Pets Not to Lay on the Furniture

Pets can carry a host of bacteria along with them (especially after coming in from outside), and if they lay on your couch or chairs, that bacteria could transfer to your upholstery. Furthermore, many pets like to rub themselves up against your furniture, causing pet hairs and dandruff to find their way into your furniture's upholstery and causing pet odors to form in your furniture. If your pet must lay with you on the couch, try to use a dedicated "pet blanket" and teach them to lay on it instead of the furniture's material. Just be sure to wash it!

Dirty sofa caused by pet rubbing up against it Clean sofa after pet hairs have been removed

3. Keep Children's Toys Away From Upholstery

Many kids enjoy playing with messy toys such as slime, glitter, and Play-Doh to name a few. However, if any of these make their way onto your furniture's upholstery, it can be a real pain to clean up! Try to have a dedicated play area away from your expensive sofas to avoid having to clean up these messy substances from your furniture.

4. Have Your Upholstery Cleaned by a Trained Professional

There are several reasons why you should have your upholstery professionally cleaned. A professional cleaner has the proper experience and cleaning equipment to rid your furniture and upholstery of any dirt, stains, messes, or pet hairs and smells. It is recommended to stick to a cleaning schedule to make sure your upholstery stays as clean as can be. This also helps to extend the life and longevity of your upholstery!

Clean couch with professional cleaning equipment


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