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Benefits of Using Carpet Protector

Child spilling juice on carpet

Dealing with messy spills and stains on your carpet can be a pain. That's why it's highly recommended to make sure your carpet is well-protected from things such as juice spills or red wine stains.

What Does Carpet Protector Do?

Carpet protectors such as 3M Scotchgard Protector, help prevent stains or soils from immediately setting in to the fibers of your carpet. If a spill or mess does occur, it allows you to be able to wipe it up more easily without it staining the carpet right away. Carpet protector not only helps avoid liquid stains, but also protects against soil or dirt from making its way deep into the carpet fibers. If you've just had your carpets professionally cleaned, the LAST thing you want is for them to get ruined with dirt or stains. That's why having protector applied will increase both, the longevity and appearance of your carpet.

Red wine carpet spill

How Long Does Carpet Protector Last?

When you purchase new carpet, it typically comes with some form of carpet protector already applied to it. However, as your carpets get used over time and foot traffic increases in areas of your home, the protector will eventually wear out and no longer protect your carpet from those nasty spills or stains. In high-traffic homes, Scotchgard recommends having carpet protector re-applied AT LEAST every 6 months or after every professional carpet cleaning.

So, the next time you have your carpets cleaned by a trained professional, make sure they apply protectant to your carpets. Need to schedule a cleaning? Fill out the contact form below, or call Jim Rowland at (407) 252-7222.


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