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Getting Your Home Ready For The Holidays

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With the holiday seasons upon us, now is the perfect time to get your house in tip-top condition by making sure your home is clean to the touch!

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Do a Cleaning Assessment

Take a look at the rooms in your home and make a list of any areas that need cleaning or special attention. Ask yourself a few cleaning-related questions. For example:

Are your carpets starting to look dirty?
Does your carpet or upholstery have odors caused by pets?
Have your floor mats not been patted down in a while?
Are there signs of mold in not-so-obvious areas? 

These are just a few questions that can help get you started.

Have Your Carpets and Upholstery Professionally Cleaned

When entertaining guests or family in your home, you always want to leave lasting impression. This means making sure your carpets are in pristine shape. A professional carpet cleaning will ensure that your carpet is like-new again and that your guests will be able to enjoy a freshly-cleaned home.

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Furthermore, having a professional come out to clean your upholstery will guarantee that there aren't any loose pet hairs and dandruff or body oils on your furniture. This is especially helpful for guests who might have pet allergies!

Avoid Spills by Taking Preventative Measures

We all know that accidents can happen. However, you can always do your best to prevent spills from happening in the first place. If you're setting out food and drinks for your guests, position them as far away as you can from any carpet or upholstery--preferably in the kitchen, away from the edges of the counter. If you're storing drinks in a cooler, consider placing it somewhere such as in the garage. Lastly, be sure to set out a paper towel roll and be ready to clean up those pesky wine spills as quickly as possible if they do happen to occur!


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