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How to Maintain a Clean Home When Entertaining

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Summer is the perfect time to gather your closest friends and family and throw barbecues, pool parties, or even just a casual get-together. For those of you who often entertain guests, having a clean home is crucial to keeping your guests impressed from the moment they enter your home.

Plan Your House Cleaning in Advance

If you know that you'll be having guests over in the near future, start by keeping your house as clean and tidy as possible in the weeks leading up to the event. This will help make cleaning right before the event less of a hassle and you won't be scrambling around to get everything cleaned and organized at the last minute. Keep dirty shoes away from your carpets, use floor mats to wipe your feet before entering your home, and do your best to avoid potential spills from liquids. There's nothing worse than staining your carpets or furniture right before guests come to your home! For more ways to maintain a clean home, check out our 2018 Spring Cleaning Guide.

Schedule a Professional Cleaning

Do you have pets that just love to lay on your furniture? The best way to rid your couches and sofas from pet hair and odors is to have a professional cleaner come out and clean your upholstery. The last thing you want is for your guests to be sneezing or catching cat hair on their clothes any time they sit on your couch! Additionally, if you've been putting off vacuuming your carpets or cleaning your tiles, chances are a lot of dirt and bacteria have built up inside your carpet fibers or the grout of your tile. By hiring a professional, you'll be able to rest easy knowing all of that would be eliminated.

Keep Things Tidy During the Event

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Kindly suggest to your guests that they wipe their feet before entering your home or put their shoes on a shoe rack if they take them off while inside. Keep things such as beverage coolers, food trays, or drinks away from carpet and upholstery. Although accidents such as wine spills can happen, just be sure to tend to the spill as soon as possible before it has a chance to set in.

By following these guidelines, your guests will be thoroughly impressed with how clean your home is. And above all—don't forget to enjoy your time with friends and family!

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