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How to Tell When Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

Dirty footprints on carpet

While sometimes it's obvious when your carpet is dirty, there are additional warning signs to look out for that indicate it's probably time for a cleaning!

You Can Visibly See Dirt or Stains

Let's start with the most obvious sign that you should have your carpets cleaned—when you can visibly start to see discoloration in your carpets due to the build-up of dirt or stains caused by spills and messes. Furthermore, even if you don't see anything on the main areas of your carpet, it's always a good idea to inspect areas that may be hidden, such as near AC vents or windows for signs of mold.

Woman sneezing

Your Allergies Start to Kick In

Another sign your carpet might need cleaning is if your allergies begin acting up inside your home. If you notice yourself sneezing or sniffling a lot, there could be a fair amount of dust build-up in your carpets. Dust can contribute to a variety of respiratory issues, so make sure your carpet gets cleaned right away!

Your Carpet Begins to Smell

For homes that get a lot of day-to-day foot traffic, there's a good chance your carpet will start emitting bad odors if not properly cared for. As people walk around or lay on your carpet, their body oils can transfer into the carpet fibers and cause an undesirable stench if left untreated for a long time. Not to mention the lingering smells caused by wine stains and other messes.

Pets Have Been On Your Carpet

Every time your pets go outside and come back into your home, they can potentially bring along with them dirt or other bacteria that can make its way into your carpets. Additionally, pets often like to rub themselves against your carpet and furniture, which also allows pet dandruff from their hairs to get onto your floors. Likewise, If a pet makes an "uh-oh" on your carpet, it's always a good idea to have your carpets cleaned after the matter. Using store-bought cleaning sprays won't always eliminate the root of the stain or mess.

Your Carpet Hasn't Been Professionally Cleaned

Remember: One of the world's leading carpet manufacturers recommends having your carpet professionally cleaned at least every 12-18 months. While using a regular vacuum cleaner each week is also recommended for surface-level cleaning, you won't get the like-new, fresh feeling from your carpets that a professional deep cleaning can provide.

If you've been putting off your yearly professional carpet cleaning, now's your chance to take action!

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