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Let's Talk About Grout

Ceramic tile grout

Grout, or the area between each of your tiles, is porous by nature and can easily trap dirt if not appropriately cleaned and cared for.

Many homeowners opt for tile because it's easier to maintain and spills or messes are typically easier to clean up than on carpet. However, the grout in between your tiles isn't fully impenetrable! Over time, as foot traffic moves throughout your home, dirt and other bacteria makes its way inside and seeps into the pores of your grout. This is what eventually causes discoloration in your grout if you don't stick to a proper cleaning schedule.

What You Should Know

Ceramic tile and grout comes in many different colors and textures. When it comes to tile and grout cleaning, there are a couple things to be aware of:

Tile floor cleaning

  • The longer that dirt is left trapped inside the pores of your grout, the higher the chance there is of permanent discoloration. Dirt will eventually keep getting pushed deep into the pores, making it much harder to remove by cleaning.
  • Some areas of your grout may clean better than others, depending on the amount of foot traffic in those areas.
  • Grout sealant can be applied to reduce how porous your grout is, which helps to keep stains closer to the surface and make future cleanings easier.
  • Simply dusting and mopping your tiles will not remove all the dirt and unhealthy bacteria from your grout.


Clean groutHow to Maintain Clean Grout

Keeping your tiles and grout clean doesn't have to be a hard process. One way to maintain clean grout and tiles is to prevent them from getting dirty in the first place. For example, use floor mats near high-traffic areas of your home and encourage members of the household to take their shoes off before stepping inside. Furthermore, while sticking to a cleaning schedule in your home certainly won't hurt, the best way to have your grout cleaned is to hire a professional to fully clean and restore your grout with their high-pressure cleaning equipment.


Carpet & Tile Solutions offers ceramic tile and grout cleaning services in Orlando and surrounding areas. With our cleaning process, every effort will be made to get your tiles and grout looking like new again!

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