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Preparing For Your First Professional Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning in living room

So—you've decided it's time to have your carpets and floors professionally cleaned for the first time... but how do you prepare? Let's take a look at some of the ways you can help to make the cleaning process a breeze!

Vacuum Your Carpet Beforehand

Vacuuming your carpet before your cleaning appointment will allow the cleaning professional to do a more thorough job at removing any dirt and grime that is trapped deep within the fibers of your carpet. This will also help remove pet hair from the surface of your carpets, which can clog the professional's equipment and reduce the amount of suction it provides if not attended to beforehand.

Move Breakables & Other Objects Out The Way

Be sure to pick up any items off your floors such as children's toys, clothes, laundry baskets, etc. and move them out of the way of areas you are wanting the professional to clean. Additionally, if you are expecting to have the areas under your tables cleaned, you'll want to move any breakable items such as lamps, glassware, or other house décor away from the tables to avoid potential accidents. Since high-traffic areas of your home are pre-treated before cleaning, you don't need to worry about moving furniture around before the professional arrives.

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Allow Space In Your Driveway For The Cleaning Van

If possible, leave an empty spot in your driveway closest to the door for the cleaning professional's van. This will help the cleaner be more efficient at getting their equipment in and out of your home. On a side note, do make them aware of any nearby outside water faucets that they can hook their cleaning equipment up to as well.

Jim Rowland's Carpet and Tile Solutions cleaning van

Get Your Fans Ready For Drying

After your carpet has been cleaned, it can help to make use of any ceiling fans or portable fans in order for your carpets to dry faster. Similarly, running the A/C in your home can help to dehumidify and circulate the airflow.



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