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Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. Do-It-Yourself

We've all been there—A child spills their red-colored juice on the carpet, a pet leaves an unwanted surprise, or your kids track in dirt after playing outside. These are just a few scenarios that can leave your carpets looking stained and dirty. How do you deal with these messes?

For starters, you can try to clean these tough stains yourself, often taking up much of your time and resulting in just an "okay" job. Or, you could hire a professional cleaner to handle the task for you and leave your carpets looking like new.

Do It Yourself

Cleaning ragsYou might be thinking that you could save a lot of money by cleaning tough carpet stains yourself. Sure, you could go to the store and purchase a stain remover solution and dab away with a cloth, but it won't always completely remove the underlying stain in the fibers of your carpet. For tougher stains, you might also consider renting a steam cleaner and attempt to clean your carpets yourself. These machines usually rely on the use of hot tap water and require longer wait times for your carpet to dry—sometimes taking days to dry and potentially creating odors and mildew.

Hiring a Professional

Carpet cleaningHiring someone with the technical expertise and industry experience will guarantee a more satisfactory service. Your carpets will end up looking like new and you'll even feel like you're living in a healthier environment... and that's because you are! With my cleaning services, I use biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly detergents to lift those tough stains and dirt. The truck-mounted hot water extraction equipment I use is top-of-the-line and can clean deep into the layers of your carpet, removing dirt that you might not even know is there! Unlike the DIY methods, my cleaning units provide a powerful vacuum suction that allows your carpets to dry MUCH quicker... usually in 6 hours or less!


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