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Service Spotlight: Area Rug Cleaning and Oriental Carpet Cleaning

Area rug cleaning

Area rugs and oriental carpets provide a unique look and style to any home. Whether your rug has been passed down to you from previous generations in your family or you have purchased one from the store, these types of rugs usually have some sort of special meaning to them and can even be a conversational piece of your home. Large area rugs are often placed in high-traffic areas, thus, trapping in dirt and bacteria which could eventually circulate to other parts of your home. For reasons such as this, it's important to keep your area rugs and oriental carpets clean and well-maintained!

Cleaning Area Rugs

Just like cleaning your own carpets, attempting to clean an area rug or oriental rug yourself can be a daunting task. Due to the thickness of the fibers in these rugs, running your average vacuum cleaner over the rug simply won't do an efficient job. Furthermore, some self-cleaning products are likely to leave behind residue which can even bring in more dirt and dust! Area rug cleaning and oriental carpet cleaning is my specialty, and I make sure that your rugs are carefully cleaned and looking like new again after returning them back to you. I provide specialized cleaning services to just about any area rug, including Oriental, Turkish, Persian or hand-knotted style rugs.

Shag rug cleaning Clean area rug

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Orlando

Oriental carpets are often the centerpiece of any home and are usually cherished by their owners. Whether it is a fine Persian rug that has been handed down through your family, I take special care in cleaning these types of carpets. Did you know that dirty oriental rugs are also known to attract moths, including larvae that can tear away at the fibers of your rug? That's why, as a part of my cleaning process, I apply a moth preventative treatment along with 3M Scotchgard protector to help prevent future infestations. With my high-powered, hot water extraction method, you can have peace of mind knowing that your area rugs will be fresh and clean again.

Oriental rug with tearing from larvae
Oriental rug with tearing caused by larvae


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