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Service Spotlight: Auto, Boat, RV, & Aircraft Cleaning

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Picture this: You're driving in your car or truck on your way to work in the morning and you have a few extra minutes to spare, so you decide to get a coffee to-go. You get back in your vehicle and start heading to work. On your way, you drive over a pothole or a speed bump and the flimsy plastic lid on the cup pops open and coffee spills all over the seats, floor and console of your vehicle! You've almost made it to work, but now you'll be late if you stop to clean everything up. It'll have to sit there—soaking into the upholstery and causing unwanted stickiness until you find the time to deal with it. No good!

Orlando car cleaning

We've all had "one of those days". However, by providing quality cleaning services, I can help eliminate messes such as these for your automotive vehicle. While some stains are more permanent than others, I can provide the most thorough cleaning to your car, truck, boat, RV or aircraft. For the beach-goers in Orlando FL, it's not surprising for your cars or trucks to be filled with sand and sea salt after a typical Florida beach day with friends or family. By using high-powered cleaning equipment, I can help rid your car of that annoying sand!

My equipment and detergents prove to be stronger and more efficient than what you can find at your typical car wash or auto detailer.

Furthermore, the oils our bodies give off can transfer onto the upholstery of your seats over time. Not to mention all of the dirt and grime we tend to track in from our shoes. Having your vehicle professionally cleaned at least once a year is highly recommended. Not only will it leave your vehicle smelling fresh, it'll be healthier for you, as you are no longer sitting in filth during your long commute.

At Carpet & Tile Solutions, I have plenty of experience cleaning automotive vehicles, including a famous movie star's private jet! Contact me to learn more!

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