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Service Spotlight: Tile & Grout Cleaning

You may think that cleaning your tiles and grout is a breeze. A simple wipe-down with a mop and some cleaning solution should do the trick, right? Think again.

Dirt and grime can build up over time in the pores of the grout between your tiles, causing unwanted bacteria—especially in places where germs are likely to be present such as the bathroom or kitchen. Mopping your tiles yourself simply won't reach deep into the pores of the grout to extract the hidden dirt and grime, which is also what causes discoloration.

Bathroom grout before   Bathroom grout after   

What's Involved in Professional Tile Cleaning?

Just like cleaning carpet yourself, attempting to clean your own tiles is a hefty task, usually leaving you with less than desirable results. At Carpet & Tile Solutions, we use a state-of-the-art high-pressured, truck-mounted cleaning system that penetrates deep into the pores of the grout to remove dirt and grime. Additionally, our tile cleaning services utilize a safe, non-acid, non-corrosive detergent to break down dirt. Not only will these cleaning methods extend the life of your ceramic tile, turning to a professional to clean your tile will surely beat getting down on your knees and scrubbing away at the floors yourself. You'd be amazed at the difference!

   Tile cleaningBefore & after tile cleaning


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