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Why You Should Have Your Mattress Cleaned

Clean mattress

Humans spend roughly one-third of their life in bed. Sleeping on a dirty mattress filled with bacteria and dust mites can have a negative impact on your health!

What Can Be Done?

Having your mattress professionally cleaned will not only extend the life of it, but will even save you money! Many stores advertise that if your mattress is over eight years old, then it should be replaced due to the accumulation of sweat, body oils, and associated dust mite residue. However, that's not always true! Those stores mainly just want to be able to sell you a new one. Why spend hundreds—possibly thousands—of dollars on a new mattress when you can save money by sticking to a regular cleaning regimen?

How Often Should a Mattress Be Cleaned?

Close-up of a dust mite inside a mattressJust like with professional carpet cleaning, you should have your mattress cleaned at least once a year to prevent the build-up of body oils, dust mites, and other bacteria. Most people don't really think to have their mattress professionally cleaned, but sticking to a yearly cleaning schedule will keep it fresh and extend its overall useful life, without worrying about spending a fortune on a brand new one.

What's Involved in the Cleaning Process?

The hot water extraction method is used to kill off bacteria and remove dust, along with any other soil that's often found in mattresses and bedding. With this method, powerful truck-mounted cleaning equipment is used to produce extremely hot water combined with environmentally-friendly detergents that are used for cleaning the mattress along with extreme suction, which allows your mattress to be cleaned and dried in 2 hours or less!

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