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Carpet Types & Styles

There are a wide variety of different carpet styles, textures, and fibers typically found in homes. Let's take a look at some common types of carpet material and how they affect your home's appearance:

Nylon carpet squares

Nylon Carpet

Nylon is the recommended fiber of choice for residential use and is also one of the most durable forms of carpet fiber. Ideal for homes that receive a lot of foot traffic—especially those with children or pets.


Olefin is a strong, moisture-resistant material that was commonly found in outdoor settings. It can also be found in homes due to its wool-like texture, but can wear down faster than nylon.

Olefin rug material
Polyester carpet


Polyester and nylon have a similar appearance, however, the fibers in polyester carpet can resist stains and liquid spills more easily but are less durable and typically won't last as long as nylon. Polyester carpeting may have better value in homes that don't receive as much foot traffic.


Wool is often favored for its natural appearance and high durability. However, wool carpet is also prone to permanent staining and typically requires a professional carpet cleaner who is experienced with this type of fiber to clean your carpet using special detergents and cleaning temperatures.

Wool carpet fibers

Carpet Treatment and Cleaning

It is highly recommended to have all nylon, polyester, olefin and wool carpeting cleaned by a trained professional in order to maintain the cleanliness of your home and keep the original appearance of your carpet intact.

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