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Auto/Boat/RV/Aircraft Interior Cleaning

Car cleaning and vacuumingVehicles can pose a real cleaning challenge due to the different uses they're subjected to. These days SUV's and mini-vans are "family rooms on wheels" with DVD players, drink holders (and the spills generated going over bumps), with people spending more and more time in their cars. Factor in the moisture, road tar, grass, sand, and other gunk that is normally tracked in onto car floors and seats and you're dealing with a different kind of dirt than you find in homes. My detergents and equipment are stronger and more powerful than what's available from a car wash or detailer, and though I may not be able to remove every spot, stain, or grain of sand, I'm confident that I can provide the most thorough cleaning possible for your vehicle.

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I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have about my services or pricing. Even if you have a question about getting a spot out of your carpet, I may be able to help you right over the phone. Don't be bashful, I'm here to help!

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