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Pet Odor Treatment

Carpet & Tile Solutions provides pet stain and odor elimination cleaning services. While complete odor elimination is virtually impossible unless the source of the odor can be isolated and removed, every effort will be made to reduce pet odors from your home!

Dog sitting on area rug

Neutralization and Deodorization

More often than not, it's either cost-prohibitive or just not practical to attempt to remove contaminated carpet padding or furniture cushion filler material to treat for urine odor. With a thorough cleaning, neutralization and deodorization process, these pet odors can effectively be reduced as much as possible.

Pet Hairs and Dandruff

Let's face it—Many pet owners allow their pets to lay on their furniture with them. What they don't realize is that pet hairs and loose dandruff make their way into their furniture's upholstery and crevices, creating unwanted smells and possibly allergic reactions to those affected. A professional cleaner can effectively remove these loose hairs and dandruff from your furniture!

Cat sleeping on couch

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